October 9, 2009

Music Inspiration Project

I love listening to indie rock at work.  Call me a hipster, I don't care.  One of my very favorite bands in Camera ObscuraTheir new album is My Maudlin Career and it is a hit.

The album art is a perfect depiction of the song's themes.  I love the classic, french feeling it portrays.


Designing a space around this album art was a true adventure.  I tried to make the space feel sexy, mysterious, and a little surprising.

images via: Presidio Settee in Tuscan Leather Wild Berry, Williams Sonoma Home; Textured Damask Rug, Williams Sonoma Home; Constaletti table Lamp, Z-Gallery; Feather Mirror, Crate & Barrel

The lighting is sexy, the couch is mysterious, and the rug is surprising (slight velvet feel).  This would be ideal of a library or a cozy sitting area.  Just pour yourself a glass of red wine and you are there!

Listen to this:  French Navy by Camera Obscura 


  1. I love Camera Obscura! I always find myself listening to the title track or the Sweetest Thing

  2. I love them too! The Sweetest Thing is a really good one...they are a fav on Pandora for sure


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